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Fresh Concept is in collaboration with the international pharmaceutical company ROCHE promoting personalized medicine in Israel

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One-stop-shop for all your human capital needs.
Fresh Concept – Group Insurance Experts, is a unique and innovative firm in the field of group health insurance.

As a subsidiary of the Dr. Frishman Group, Fresh Concept has gained extensive knowledge and experience to become the market leader it is today.

In addition to Dr. Frishman, Fresh Concept includes insurance specialists and a team of experts, who are dedicated to one goal: drafting and managing the best group health insurance policies in Israel.

As a market leader, Fresh Concept manages all aspects of group insurance policies, beginning with data collection, organizational needs analysis and improvement of existing policies (when applicable), while maximizing the group’s purchasing power and drafting new optimal coverages for the firm’s clientele.

The firm specializes in numerous insurance fields, including health, long-term care, dentistry, income protection, personal accidents, critical illness, risk insurance (life and disability), travel insurance, as well as insurance for foreign workers and tourists.

A wide variety of companies and organizations are among the firm’s clients: financial corporations, start-up companies, government agencies, commercial and industrial enterprises, local authorities, academic institutions, etc.

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Private health insurance is an essential product and the public in Israel understands this • A person who buys private insurance trusts us • If we make a mistake, round corners and interpret the policy to the detriment of the insured, we are raised in trust and as someone who believes in this industry - I will not give it.

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Fresh Concept - Group Insurance Experts

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For the first time in the field of
Group Insurance Consulting!

Israel's leading consulting firm Fresh Concept has signed a cooperation agreement with the international brokerage firm

From now on, Fresh Concept is a member of WTW's global network and will provide consulting services to all of Willis' global customers who have operations in Israel.

Each of us is unique and special and when it comes to our health all the more so. Everyone deserves to receive the exact medical treatment that is especially tailored for them. Fresh Concept has been providing consulting services to organizations and workplaces in the field of employee health and group insurance for years, and does everything to ensure that its clients are covered by all the innovations in the field of medicine.

The international pharmaceutical company ROCHE promotes the use of a life-saving genomic test for cancer patients – a simple test that maps the genetic mutations in the patient's tumor and allows for the most effective treatment, which allows for extended life expectancy and recovery.

Both companies have engraved on their flag the goal of promoting public awareness, companies and organizations on the importance of personalized medicine and working to ensure that group health policies include insurance coverage for personalized medical services.

So that every employee (no matter what his financial abilities) and his family members will be entitled to the last word in medical care – customized, accurate and life-saving medicine.

Dr. Udi Frishman
Chairman and Founder

Dr. Udi Frishman is one of Israel’s leading experts in the field of health and long-term care insurance. Prior to establishing the Firm, Dr. Frishman held various leading positions in the healthcare field, including Head of Phoenix Insurance Company’s Health Division, Managing Director of “Leumit Laatid” (supplementary insurance body of Leumit HMO) and Vice President of Assuta Hospital.

In addition, Dr. Frishman is an expert in medical underwriting, serves as a consultant to the Association of Insurance Brokers and Agents in Israel and is a lecturer in Tel Aviv University on the subject of healthcare insurance; he also served as a consultant to the Minister of Health.

Dr. Frishman is also a frequent guest in various TV shows that focus on healthcare and health insurance.

דוקטור אודי פרישמן
Adv. Arik Ben-Ezra

Prior to his position as the Firm’s CEO, Adv. Ben-Ezra has managed the Business Department of the Healthcare Division at Clal Insurance Company, one of the leading insurance companies in Israel. As part of his position, he was responsible for hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of policyholders.

Adv. Ben-Ezra is extensively experienced in handling complex challenges in the field of group health insurance and possesses vast knowledge of regulation in this field.
Prior to his position at the Clal Insurance Company, he worked as an attorney in Israel and in the US.

Adv. Ben-Ezra holds two law degrees (LL.B. and LL.M.), as well as an M.B.A. (majoring in Risk Management and Insurance).

Ronny Ashkenazy, M.H.A.
Deputy CEO, Group Health Insurance Expert

Ronny Ashkenazy holds an M.A. in Health Systems Administration from the Department of Management, Tel Aviv University.

He is a senior consultant in the field of health and long-term care insurance. Prior to his current position, he was an administrative member of the Dan District Clalit Health Services, “Meir” Hospital in Kfar Saba and “Assuta” Medical Centers.

Mr. Ashkenazy has also previously held senior administrative positions in Israel’s leading insurance agencies engaged in the field of health insurance.

Rami Lakshtein
VP, Director of Financial Department

A leading expert in medical economics and planning hospitals, nursing homes and medical ventures.

Graduate of the School of Social Sciences, the Department of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting at Tel Aviv University.

Holds a B.A. in Economics and Accounting.

Former chief economist and board member of the Assuta Medical Centers chain, health economist at Migdal Insurance Company, author of the plan to establish the fifth HMO in Israel, VP of Finance – Leumit Atid Ltd., the company that managed the ISA at the National Health Fund.

Maya Yaacobian
VP Group Health Insurance

Senior consultant specializing in health and long-term care insurances. Prior to her current role, she was a senior Supplemental Insurance establishment and management staff member at Leumit HMO and Collective Account Executive at Clal Insurance Company.

Ms. Yaacobian is a college of Insurance and Finance graduate, majoring in Life Insurance & Health Insurance.

Ehud Lifshitz
VP, Senior Consultant

Expert in medical insurance, holds an MBA. Previously held senior positions with Clal Insurance Company and Migdal Insurance Company.

אהוד ליפשיץ
Mrs. Ilana Meir
Senior Health Consultant

Previously handled claim settlements at the Dikla Insurance Company Long-Term Care Department and a former Senior Referent at the Health Department of a leading pension service agency.

Mrs. Meir is an Open University graduate, holding a B.A. in Management and Sociology and is also a Certification Program graduate in Medical Underwriting, Life Insurance and Health Insurance.

Offer Cohen
Insurance Consultant, Medical Insurance Specialist

Holds a degree in Exact Sciences from Tel Aviv University (B.Sc)
Specialization in statistics.
Served as VP of a large insurance agency engaged in medical insurance, lecturer at insurance colleges

Bronya Yedidya
Claims Supervisor and Customer Care

Bronya was a claims representative at Migdal Insurance Company Life Division. Bronya was also a claim’s representative in one of the leading Insurance agencies in Israel, where she dealt with both medical and life insurance claims.  

Bronya is a graduate of the Netanya Academic College and hold a bachelor’s degree in Insurance and Business

Adv. Dana Darchy
Head Of Claims & Customer Service Department

LL.B. graduate (majoring in the field of Insurance). Holds a B.A. degree in Social Science. Certified mediator.

Ms. Darchy previously handled health claim settlements at Clal Insurance Company, as well as responsible for administration and coordination at Meuhedet HMO management HQ.